Topic Essay Choices



Choose one for the Topic Essay assignment:


1.       Discuss the implications of God seeing creation as “good” in Gen 1.  Explain some contemporary applications that can be drawn from this declaration.

2.       Discuss Israel’s calling, or vocation at Sinai (Exod 19), and how this relates to the broader message of the Bible.

3.       What moral issues might a reader encounter with the accounts in Joshua and Judges?

4.       Was Kingship a good or bad institution for Israel? Defend your answer. 


5.       Consider the events leading up to the anointing of Jehu, then describe the drastic actions that he took after he became king.  Was Jehu entirely justified in his actions?  Defend your answer.



6.       Explain how grace can be found in the Book of Amos, even where judgment is announced.




7.       Should Jeremiah have complained to Yahweh like he did?  How do Jeremiah’s prayers of complaint compare with other complaints in the Bible?

8.       Discuss the role of women in the book of Ruth. Compare and contrast this with the way other biblical books present women.

9.        What do the Psalms teach us about worship?