Little Haven Hiker Services


Little Haven is a private residence of Laurie and Brenda Braaten near the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). Our mission is to help *dedicated PCT hikers on their wilderness journey. We operate from June through the end of July.


UPDATES: We will be open for the 2019 Season, June and July only.


Last updated: 3/31/2019 1:46 PM

 We pick up and hold packages for June and July arrivals (details below)

Here's the most up to date USPS shipping information:

 Please address the package:

Your Name, ETA
c/o Braatens
PO Box 4
Belden, CA 95915

Please include a full return address (including name) and your ETA on the package.

We don’t recommend it due to repeated shipping problems including delivery to wrong addresses, but if you must send your package by Ground delivery:

Your Name, ETA
c/o Braatens
15913 State Hwy 70, #4 
Belden, CA 95915

Include a full return address
(including name) and your ETA on package.
We'll pick it up and it should be here when you arrive at Belden (call 530-283-9880, Verizon cell or Belden pay phone). If we are available we can also get it to you at Belden if you don't want to leave the trail. If possible try to time the mailing so that the package is here no longer than 3 weeks. We appreciate a $3 donation to cover expenses for this service.

Guests Provisions


 Overnight stays are by invitation and vary according to available room and other factors. You may request a one night stay when you arrive. There is a $10 donation per guest to cover expenses. All guests must comply with house rules which include no drugs (including marijuana), alcohol, smoking (anywhere on the property), and attendance at local festivals (raves). A complete list is posted below and in the guest facility.

We have a few simple rules for our invited guests:


*   One night stay for hikers only, checkout is 10 am. Shuttles most days at 6, 8 and 10 am.

*   Show respect for others & their property.

*     No pets are allowed on or near the property.

*   No Smoking on or near the property.

*   No recreational drug use or intoxication on or near the property. The party crowd is not welcome here.

*   No candles or open flames

** NOTE: We reserve the right to unguest anyone! **

Please help us by:

*   Keeping the place clean, clean your own mess.

*   Storing all food in refrigerator to minimize rodents and insects.

*   Turning off all unused lights.

*   Recycling (cleaned) glass, plastic, paper, metal.

*   Practicing minimal flushing and short showers.

*   Laundering at the laundromat or outdoor sink, not in the tub.

*   Maintaining a good attitude.

Your hosts, Laurie & Brenda Braaten (Holek and Wilderness Woman  - AT, Long Trail, Cohos Trail, New England 4k’s, Grand Canyon, Allagash, Boundary Waters,  etc.)


*Who do we consider “dedicated PCT hikers”? Those whose primary transportation on the PCT journey is their feet. People whose goals include valuing and getting close to nature. Hikers who respect the wilderness and practice a leave no trace ethic.