Little Haven Hiker Services



We will be closed for the 2020 season, we are not offering any services, no mail holds, no rides, no stays. At this point we have no plans to reopen in future seasons.

If you need a package drop in the Belden Area, there are two options:

Beldentown Resort. On the PCT. They have a café and small store, camping and Cabin rentals. Ship Packages FedEx and UPS only (verify with your shipper is sending Ground, NOT UPS Mail Innovations or FedEx Smartpost). They charge a holding fee, usually around $25.

Caribou Crossroads, 1.5 East on Hwy 70.  They offer camping and a small fee for showers and laundry. They have a small store and café.  Please call to verify details: 530-283-1384.

They hold mail for free through USPS. Make sure you have a legitimate return address with a name (NOT “Dad and Mom”)

Your Name & ETA

c/o Caribou Crossroads

PO Box 1

Belden, CA 95915


A Note on using online resources for Planning your Hike.

 With the breakout of COVID 19, many services are either not available this year or offered on a very limited basis. If the PCT reopens the trail, please contact the services in advance to make sure they are operational. This is a good idea for any season. Hikers who blog or post about their hike on a particular year will not have accurate information for later seasons. Small trail towns are fluid, people come and go.  Professional publications such as Yogi’s trail guides are more reliable. She not only contacts services every year to verify they are operational, but posts updates online if there are sudden or unexpected changes.